Orthopedic Surgery

We perform many types of orthopedic (bone) surgeries in our clinic.

    • Cruciate Repairs
    • Luxating Patellas
    • Fracture Repairs
    • Amputations

If there is a complex surgery, Pleasant Valley Veterinary Care, has the ability to bring in an orthopedic board certified surgeon, Dr. Kathy Collins, to perform a variety of orthopedic surgeries through Veterinary Surgical Services, PPC.  

About Veterinary Surgical Services

Veterinary Surgical Services is a mobile specialty surgical practice for companion animals. VSS and Dr. Weiner work together to establish a diagnostic, surgical and rehabilitative plan for each patient. Surgical procedures are performed at Pleasant Valley Veterinary Care, eliminating the need to refer clients and their pets to an outside facility.

How Veterinary Surgical Services works

Their services. Our hospital. Most surgical procedures and follow-up care will be performed at Pleasant Valley Veterinary Care hospital. Their simple and efficient approach makes your next surgery turnkey.

The Process:

  • Dr. Weiner establishes a diagnosis and coordinates the needed surgical procedure(s) with VSS.
  • VSS brings all necessary surgical instruments and equipment to Pleasant Valley Veterinary Care.
  • Dr. Weiner and his patient care team provides surgical preparation of the patient, anesthesia monitoring and post-op care.
  • VSS provides all surgical reports and post-op instructions.
  • VSS remains available post-op for consultation and rehabilitation.