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Our Story

Pleasant Valley Veterinary Care has a vision that goes beyond serving the animal health care needs of our rural community. At Pleasant Valley Veterinary Care, we speak for the animals entrusted to our care-to people who want to listen and learn. As a full-service veterinary hospital, Pleasant Valley Veterinary Care is also a business that works for its employees by creating an environment that allows them to grow professionally and to completely enjoy what they do. This further enhances the level of service that we provide.

Dr. John Weiner, founder of Pleasant Valley Veterinary Care, like many in his profession, recalls that his decision to become a veterinarian grew directly from his early experiences: “I wanted to become a vet before I was old enough to know what a vet actually did-other than care for animals. It was simply instinctive.” As he grew older, he read the books and saw the movies and television programs that idealized the life of the rural veterinarian which helped to confirm that for him, there could be no better career than one where he could work with animals. Veterinary school further confirmed it was the perfect fit.

After a number of years of practice, however, he no longer found enjoyment in anything online australian casinos relating to the profession. “I had always wanted to do something meaningful and substantive with my life, but found that too often, I was viewed as a quick fix or as the adversary and not the answer. To continue in the profession, I would have to make some changes, and that meant a lot of growth, both personally and professionally.

His desire to do more for owners who wanted more led to the creation of Dairy Performance Services, which would eventually evolve into Pleasant Valley Veterinary Care. The philosophy behind Dairy Performance Services was for the veterinarian to focus on and speak for a dairy’s herd of animals as a whole, to dairy farmers who cared, and had their minds open to long-term herd health. Healthier more productive cows make the dairy more profitable and the vet becomes a valued, income-generating asset. It worked.

The next step was to take companion animal care in a new direction. Ask anyone who has ever loved an animal to reminisce about a moment that stands out most and you will quickly see a smile and a story will unfold. It could be the joy of a little boy’s first puppy, or the emotions felt as that child, now a college student, and leaves home wondering if he will ever see his faithful gray-muzzled friend again. Or it could be the woman who recalls the feline companion of her mother, an ailing Alzheimer’s patient who loved the second Fluffy just as much as the first and never had to be told that her first Fluffy was gone. In our busy, changing world, animals add joy, happiness, hope and even purpose to our lives. The role of Pleasant Valley Veterinary Care is to serve owners who are seeking compassionate, quality care for their animals from staff who are friendly, responsive, knowledgeable and hold themselves to the highest professional standards.

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